HOT Plans

The pace is kicking up for preparing for the 2015 HOT now! I am working hard trying to get the cornerstone posts set firm, then will work on filling it up! It is always so much fun to get things lined up!

First, a HUGE thanks for our Web Whiz Shelley for taking the ball and running like an Olympic sprinter with it! WOW she is incredible. It is going to be fun watching the HOT web site blossom into full bloom!

The HOT Hotel (the Habitat Suites) is all lined up. We have been using this hotel for the past three years, and it sure has worked out well. They seems genuinely glad to have us stay with them. They go above and beyond the call of duty compared to most hotels. We had some bumps with them in 2014, but hopefully that will be history now. It is SO nice having room in the suites to bring the trikes and bikes in for the night. Granted, it does seem like the most secure hotel anywhere near Austin, but you can’t be fooled. NOTHING  is safe if left out for the night, so please be very careful. I personally love having the kitchen – makes it so much easier for me with Sweet P’s supplies. Plus, you can store snacks and drink in the fridge and that is a luxury! LOVE their free breakfast. Such a nice place to sit and visit with all the HOTties and have a great food choice!  I have never had time to really enjoy the free Happy Hour, so can’t really comment on that. And the HOT Hotel is close enough to Easy Street to ride your bent to, I was told.

Reservations for the HOT Hotel can be made by phone ONLY to receive the super rate of $70 a night. For those who want to come early or stay later at the HOT, you can get additional nights for that same $70 rate – just tell them you want the HOT special for those nights too.  The special rate DOES NOT work on internet reservations, so call to get that great rate. Give them the code “HOT15”.

The only bad thing, and this is really bad, is they do not allow dogs. I know a bunch of HOTties would love to bring their dogs to the HOT. There is nothing I can do about this 😦  And the hotels nearby that DO allow dogs do NOT look promising. I need to pull a rabbit out of a hat and come up with a solution….

Paul Brock is looking forward to his Friday Veloway Excursion February 27. For those that want to ride around in circles, the Veloway is off the charts FUN ( Paul is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. His sense of humor is priceless. More details will be coming soon for those who want to experience this really fun riding treat!

I get the feeling the official HOT shirt this year is not going to win any popularity contests.  I know I sound like your mother here, but trust me — it is a good thing.  Comments about black shirts being about as popular as taxes coming in. I cannot stress heavily enough that these are NOT the high heat cotton black shirts that make you feel like kindling wood getting ready to start a fire. The are ULTRA cool performance wicking shirts. They weigh about an ounce. These are the high quality shirts you pay out the kazoo for normally.  I am not an informercial salesman (“but WAIT!”) — I am not trying to sell you anything.  But I will have to refrain like crazy from saying  “I told you so” if you don’t order one and then regret it when you see them in person.  Add those kick rear fun folding cowboy hats that match them PERFECTLY that we will be giving away, and you have a major fashion statement.  Add the insulated tote we are giving (that MATCHES), and it is a sight to behold. Just sayin’.

And trophy selection. The rodeo is JUST FOR FUN — we want EVERYONE to ride in it and have a BLAST doing it. But you remember the kids in grade school that always won the spelling contests, speech and poetry contests, art contests,  P.E. races. Over achievers, remember? Well, they grew up, and are rolling that competitiveness over to the rodeo now.  We give trophies to the Alpha Riders who are really fast and fearless who have the fastest time in each event.  Abd I will admit it — I love trophy shopping. By the way:  having the Rodeo Queen on the trophies last year was NOT my idea – I followed the Big Kahuna’s (Mike Librik) instructions. Admittedly, they WERE about the best looking trophies EVER  😉 .  Not sure what to do for the next rodeo…. Mulling over just making the Rodeo Queen the permanent fixture for trophies!

Well that is the latest on the HOT happenings!

~Jane Knight


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