Message from the Webmaster

Hello, fellow recumbent enthusiasts!  I’m Shelley, the creator and maintainer of the HOT Rally site.  I am working hard to get you the latest information about the 2015 HOT Rally.  My intention is for this to be the central place for you to learn more about the Rally, plan your trip to Austin, TX, and get connected with other attendees via our social media outlets (mainly Facebook).

In the past few days I’ve made the following updates:

  • Built the Who’s Who at the HOT infrastructure and added some photos of volunteers.  If you want to see your smiling face there, email your photo, name, and what you ride to Jane here.  Once you register, you’ll be added to the gallery!
  • Added hotel information to the Housing page.  The non-sponsored hotels are just suggestions for those who need pet-friendly housing.
  • Posted photos and descriptions on the Goodies page.  Those are some really great registration gifts!
  • Added content to the Sponsors page.
  • Added a form to the Swap Meet page.  This is how you’ll submit your items wanted/for sale to us so we can build the Master List for the HOT Swap Meet.
  • Added a fourth ride for Sunday’s agenda: the Cowpoke Crawl.  More information about this ride is TBD.
  • Added support for sharing blog posts from this site to the 2015 Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally Facebook page!  Testing this feature is really the purpose of my post today.  🙂

I won’t make blog posts every time I make an update to the site (that would be overwhelming for you!) but if there are major updates or I need to highlight important changes, I will make an announcement.  You can follow this blog via email by clicking the link at the bottom of the right sidebar or via the Facebook page to make sure you’re in the know.  Check back often to see what we’ve been up to!


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