Glamour Shots (I’m talking to YOU!)

I am so excited to have Shelley taking over the controls for the 2015 web site. She is a genius and the web site is going to be off the charts spectacular.

I have been getting the necessary stuff she is going to need ready for her. I decided we needed a 2014 Photo Album in the 2015 web site, so I have been going through the shots I have. WOW it was fun all over going through them all. If you have some shots, please send them to me ( We would love to include them!

I got to thinking and decided nto throw this out to y’all — why not get your mug shot done this summer for your 2015 Who’s WHo at the HOT photo? You will be all tanned and fit! If you like one of the shots I took at the 2014 HOT (WOW some of y’all look FANTASTIC in the shots! I have never seen so many sincere, happy faces in one place in my LIFE). Y’all really look fabulous in these shots. If you want me to use one that was taken during the HOT, just let me know!

~Jane Knight


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