Website woes

I just missed the cut off point. I was pre-computer schooled. You know – the Dark Ages. Back when you had to look up stuff in BOOKS for research papers. IBM Selectrics were the to-die-for’s. I knew my way around a library. There. I just carbon dated myself.

That being said, functioning in a cyber world has been a challenge. I threw down the towel and have been determined to become adept in computer skills.  I have no pride — I ask dumb questions in order to learn. It is still a slow row to hoe though.

I have all these Big Ideas for the HOT web site. To me, a web site is a terrific place to play and use your imagination. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as picking up a piece of chalk and start coloring on the driveway. You have to have an understand of the format and know the language. Computer speak is harder than Chinese of you ask me. I have the patience of a nit fly and when I don’t understand what they are telling me to do because I do not know the language, I give up.

I have had to beg and humiliate myself for the entire time we have had the HOT web site. There is a special place in Heaven for the people that have worked on the web sites for me. I am brutal. Constantly asking them to add this or that almost daily to the web site. . Add to that the fact that nobody seems to have the compassion and sense of importance that I have about the web site, and it makes for a stressful idea just to think about the web site. Web sites are an extremely important tool for an organized bike ride. They give important details such as location, time, costs, etc. For an event like the HOT, which is three days of off-the-wall fun, a web site is vital for relaying information to those thinking about attending the HOT or those already inducted as a HOTtie.

I have resorted to plastering information all over the internet in hopes of people seeing the needed information. So much so, that one forum has had posts by some wishing I would shot up. So a new approach is needed for relaying information about the HOT.

In the state of Texas, the deaf can attend any state school tuition free. Since I am a card carrying deaf person, I qualify. Some problems come up though that make it virtually impossible for me to attend a web design program. The first is the inability to drive. Since my vision is 20/400 and I have extreme peripheral blindness. the DPS does not feel I need to be turned loose behind the wheel. I live far from any campuses. Also, a contributing deterrent is the fact that I don’t know enough basic to enter even a beginning computer class at the college level. No school offered continuing ed in this area. Online courses would be similar to studying brain surgery in Chinese online. I am Out Of Luck

But I have had some one throw a life preserver to me as I thrash around out in these deep waters. Shelley Stracener has stepped up to the plate and will bat for me with the web site this year. She better be glad she is 5 hours away from me, or I would hug the stuffing out of that sweetheart. Shelley is not one that let’s grass grow under her — she is a mover and shaker and I feel confident she will blow cyber space up with her work on the HOT web site.

Hopefully we can get the basic site ready to open soon. Still too early to have any significant details for the 20115 HOT, but at least we are getting ready to get the show on the road!

~Jane Knight


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