Give-a-Way Goodies

I could not be accused of waiting until the last-minute to do things when it comes to planning the HOT. I do everything I can as early as I can so I will not be forced to do dumb things due to lack of time. I start my search for good give-a-ways for the HOT EARLY. I think I have set a new record for the 2015 HOT – I have the main give-a-way ordered (supposed to arrive in 2 days), and a super duper little fluke delivered as of yesterday.

I receive samples all the time from promo companies trying to get me to order from them. Mostly small stuff that you toss after you look at it. I received a pen, however, that just would not let me forget about it.  It reminded me of the neat do dads that were always offered in the back of comic books like spy pens and whoopie cushions.   This pen had a really good LED light on the end. I kept picking it up ad looking at it over and over. The practical side of me made a list why this would be a good give-a-way.  On the positive side, if you should have trouble while out on a ride and had difficulty seeing the problem area, that LED was strong and would offer good illumination. If you needed to write down important information (the license plate of a car that harassed you,  names of people who want to know more about recumbents, directions on how to get some place, phone numbers of the cutie who stopped you to oogle over your cycle), you could whip out this super cool pen. It takes up almost NO space in your bag (or YOU),  Perhaps the best of all — I could get them for less than half price with my first time order special! 🙂  They don’t call me “Never Pay Full Price” Knight for no reason! I could not think of one reason to warrant not ordering them.

But it had t o pass the hardest test – approval from a man. I know, I know. But I realize that sometimes men don’t see the importance of some items. Most think that all in the world you need to get by in life are zip ties and duck tape.  I handed it over to the resident skeptic – Greg (my husband). He believes in sitting in the cheap seats, if you know what I mean. Well, when HE thought it was way cool, that sealed the deal. I hit the “submit order” so fast it would make your head spin.

The pens arrived yesterday. I am happy to say they are better than ANYTHING ever offered in a comic book!  Now, the next challenge is finding neat little notepads to go with them!

pen edits5

~Jane Knight


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