Welcome to the HOT!

We all love our recumbents. The fun and physical friendliness of riding reclined has changed many of our lives. Whether you chose to ride recumbents for exercise, because of physical issues, or simply because they are a KICK to ride, we all have one thing in common: WE LOVE RECUMBENT RIDING!

The Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo was started to enable recumbent riders to gather with other riders and establish friendships, learn more about recumbents, and to do some riding with other recumbents. Nothing fancy – just experiencing a weekend filled with recumbent culture. 2015 will be our 4th year (there were 2 years when the HOT was Catrike exclusive), and we are still in the growing phase. Each year we have new circumstances that come up, ideas to try, logistics to deal with. So bear with us.

This blog is written by Jane Knight (me). The HOT is my baby – I love being around other Bents! I started the HOT in order to meet other recumbent riders and get to ride with others that share the love of laid back cycling. I am blogging to keep you up to date on what’s happening with the planning stages and do some behind the scenes explaining on hor and why the HOT is developing. The content in this blog is NOT “official”. It is really just me thinking in writing about what t do for the 2015 HOT. I would love to read your thoughts, comments, ideas, suggestions. No guarantees I will USE them, because there are SO many factors that come in to play for every single aspect of the HOT. I would love to do some things, change some things, etc., but just cannot due to other circumstances. But with other thoughts being thrown in it sure makes it easier for me to figure out what can work. So please, feel free to comment on things.

I will try and keep steady updates coming. I have already started on the 2015 HOT — the give-a-ways have been ordered and will be DELIVERED THIS WEEK! I know, I am a little early 🙂 .

So welcome to the HOT blog!

~Jane Knight


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