About the Rally

The Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally & Rodeo has brought a community of bike and trike riders together since 2010. Over 100 participants each ear enjoy a full weekend of family fun including a Laid Back Social, Recumbent University sessions, a Raffle Drawing with proceeds benefiting charities with connections to recumbent cycling, a Texas-style Rodeo with several events, and several recreational ride offerings for every fitness level.

Thanks for joining us for the 2016 Rally! Stay tuned for updates on future HOT Rally & Rodeo plans.

Bucking_trikeCredit: Kestrel Erickson

Use the drop-down menus above to learn about other past rallies and plans for the 2016 Rally.

Visit our Blog for a window into the current musings of the mastermind behind the HOT Recumbent Rally and Rodeo.

Visit the Sponsors page to learn more about our awesome sponsors below!

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